You look like a ginger, but you have brown hair. We'll call you cinnamon.

You look like a ginger, but you have brown hair. We'll call you cinnamon.
You look like a ginger, but you have brown hair. We'll call you cinnEMon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


-David Bowie

One of my goals is to start making small changes each day. As all these little changes add up, and become habit, I know I will be healthier all around. It is easier to make a bunch of little changes and have them all add up, than it is to make one drastic change. The easier it is, the likelier it is to stick. Some of the changes that I have begun to make over the past few weeks are really starting to add up, but it isn’t a burden, because I am only changing one or two things at a time.

In the past 17 days I have made the following small changes from where I was on July 31:

-Went from vegetarian to giving up dairy (eggs, cheese, milk, etc)
-Continued on the quest to vegan, checking ingredients for “animal” ingredients, avoiding those products
-Added more yoga during the week, 2 to 4 classes, instead of 0-1
-Tracking what food/beverages consumed, and workouts
-Making an effort to drink more water
-Brought back morning, instead of evening workouts, which is leading to earlier bed times

Things I am starting to work on this month:

-Cutting out chemicals (sometimes I put Splenda in my tea, and I consider this a chemical, not any sort of food)
-Cut out added sugar
-Cut out non-real ingredients
-Reading about and researching veganism

Things I plan to work on in the next couple months:

-Strength training. I recently purchased the New Rules of Lifting for Women, I need a plan. When I do strength train, it is always the same things.
-Getting better at meal planning/packing variety of lunches. I pack breakfast and lunch every night. But I want to do more prep for packed meals, and for dinners at home.

If I had tried to make all these changes in one day, or one week, I do not think they all would have stuck. It would have been too much to handle. The way I have broken it down, I am able to make the change, make it a habit, and then make another change. It seems to be working for me.

What are some changes you have made, or want to make for your health? Do you slowly bring changes into your life, or do it all at once? Any advice on the changes I am currently working on?


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